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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunset Park--San Marcos

There is a new park in San Marcos (on the border of Vista), called Sunset Park, and it is so nice! It's 19-acres, has an ocean view, a couple of playgrounds and spray-ground for the kiddos, picnic tables, a soccer field (and a couple other fields that could be used for sports games) and a frisbee/disc-golf course. And last, but certainly not least, there is a dog off-leash area. Actually there are two...one for big dogs and one for little dogs (right next to each other)! We have been there a few times and love it! One thing to look for when you're there--which I find odd and amusing--is the sign on the front of the dog off-leash area. It says something along the lines of: A six foot maximum leash must be used inside the off-leash area. How contradictory is that!?! (Typo...I'm assuming.) There is lots of space and paths to walk your canine companion. Thank you to my friend at San Diego Deals and Steals for letting me know about this new park! I can't wait for summer when it's nice and sunny so we can enjoy a picnic at Sunset Park!

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  1. thanks for the 'shout out' =) I returned the favor too =) I hope we can go play with all our 'kids' at Sunset Park very soon! Looking forward to meeting you Penny!!! ~ Kate