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Sunday, May 2, 2010

5/2--Carlsbad Street Fair follow-up

So we made it down to the Carlsbad Street Fair today. And boy was it busy! We tried walking Penny through the crowds...'try' being the key word. We think she was a bit confused as to what direction she should walk in. When we take her for a walk anywhere else, there is usually a clear path or sidewalk that directs her. And she walks us! But today, poor thing, she kept getting cut off by innocent street-fair-goers. She seemed excited about all the people, but just not sure which way to go. Does your dog get confused in crowds? Anyways, it was such a warm, beautiful day today, wasn't it? After going around approximately a half block of the street fair, we ended up down at the boardwalk which was gorgeous as always!

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