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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun Finds!

So my good friend from San Diego Deals and Steals and I went garage saleing yesterday morning in the San Elijo community. I can't remember the last time I did this...I'm generally not a morning person, but now having a dog with an early morning routine, I now get up earlier. We had so much fun and got some great deals. I came home with two beatiful wall sconces, a fun wall clock, and a large plant pot (getting a late start on my Spring planting) all for $9. And my friend got some amazing deals on children's items! While the doggy stayed home with dad, I realized that garage saleing would be a great thing to take your dog to. Just find a community-wide garage sale, park the car, get some great finds, and Fido gets a walk!

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  1. My mom used to use garage sales as a great place to get her doggies toys - you can spend $10 on a stuffed animal at Petco but you can get a stuffed animal at a garage sale for less than $1! Lets go again soon! and bring Penny!!