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Sunday, July 11, 2010

7/14--Relaxing Rex Doggie Massage

Come and bring your dog to the Relaxing Rex Doggie Massage at the La Jolla Muttropolis store on Wednesday, July 14th from 7 to 8pm. Muttropolis' Facebook page explains, "Tonight, we are happy to offer complimentary 10-minute doggie massages by Anastasia Lang, owner of Relaxing Rex Canine Massage. Anastasia will also be available to answer questions and chat about the importance of massage! Remember, our dogs feel the same stresses and pain that we do when they work and play too hard, are recovering from injuries and surgery, or are just getting older. Just like humans, massage can help them feel better and recover faster! Massage is also very helpful for performance, athletic and competitive dogs. For dogs with behavioral issues, like fear and anxiety, massage can be very beneficial as a touch therapy. Anastasia is a graduate of the Lang Institute for Canine Massage, a 682 hour course focusing on canine anatomy, physiology, pathology, structure & movement. Massage is just a part of a 'whole dog' approach to your dog’s health, which also includes proper nutrition, exercise and veterinary care. All breeds are welcome to join us for a night of fun while your pooches enjoy off-leash playtime and socialization. Wine and light appetizers will be served for you, treats for your pooch. Receive a 10% discount coupon for any purchases the night of the event, along with a complimentary goodie bag for your pooch!www.relaxingrex.com"

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