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Friday, July 23, 2010

My Puppy Dog Tales

This last Saturday, we headed to Solana Beach and enjoyed 'Jazz on Cedros.' Penny even ran into a 10-week-old miniature version of herself. (I almost took the puppy home with me, although I don't think it's owners would have been very happy about that.) While there, we stopped in at Muttropolis where they were having an ice cream social for all the doggies. And while in Muttropolis, we met Audrey Teno of My Puppy Dog Tales. She is a very talented doggie photographer who was there taking pictures of all the dogs! Here, I've posted a picture she took of Penny...too cute!!! She was so nice and so patient as Penny kept wanting to get up and sniff around. If you think about it, we take pictures all the time of our family and friends, but how often do you take a picture of your pet? And we all know that our pets are definitely a part of our family. Wouldn't a photo of your pet, or you and your pet make such a great Christmas card, Thanksgiving greeting, or just a fun summer family photo!?! On her site she explains, "I will capture the personality of your beloved pet so that you can keep those images for all time. Some of what I shoot will be fun and silly, some artistic and others will be abstract...I guarantee a great time for your pet." I would definitely recommend checking out her site http://sandiegopetphotos.blogspot.com/ and her beautiful photos!

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