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Friday, August 6, 2010

8/8--Big Dogs Rock adoption event

Thinking about adding another dog to your family??? Well, here's the perfect opportunity! The 4th Annual Big Dogs Rock Adoption Event hosted by The San Diego Animal Support Foundation will be held this Sunday, August 8th 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fiesta Island (Across from the Off-Leash Dog Beach in the OTL area). The site says, "If you love big dogs, join us on Fiesta Island for a very special adoption event featuring BIG DOGS ONLY (large breeds), and puppies that will eventually be big dogs! This is an ANNUAL event, bringing together dozens of San Diego’s finest non-profit rescue agencies and shelters, featuring 100-150 large dogs all in one place!
The Big Dogs Rock Adoption Event was designed to make the adoption process easier for people who prefer large breeds, bringing them to just one place where they can find their perfect pet among hundreds of big dogs. It’s become one of the largest, most popular annual adoption events in San Diego.The economy continues to plague the animal welfare community, and there simply are not enough homes for large dogs. So, this year’s event will also focus on encouraging big dog lovers to come out and learn how to become a temporary foster guardian. Foster families prevent dogs from being killed in shelters. Rescue agencies and shelters provide all food and medical care while the dogs are in foster homes, so it costs the foster guardian nothing to save a life. Potential foster families will get a chance to meet and interview representatives from more than 15 local agencies to find the one they like best. To help transition adopted dogs to their new homes, all dogs will go home with goodies, including quality health food, shampoo/conditioner, toys, and gift certificates for free services like pet-sitting, dog walking and grooming! Adoption fees vary by organization.... Bring your own dog to play on the famous off-leash dog beach, and maybe take home your new best friend or four-legged foster dog! Call 619-847-8755 for more info."

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