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Thursday, October 7, 2010

San Elijo Hills Dog Park

Did you know San Elijo Hills in San Marcos has a dog park? Actually, they have two, one for small dogs and one for bigs dogs, right next to each other. We took Penny there and she had a lot of fun! (However, in this picture she is sitting on the bench watching the other dogs play...sometimes we swear she thinks she's a human!) Plus, you can walk around town there and stop into the Dexter's Deli with your dog. Such a beautiful community!


  1. Where is this located? We're not too far from there!

    Surf dog Ricochet

  2. It's in the San Elijo Hills Park on the corner of San Elijo Rd. and Elfin Forest Rd. The dog park is on the hill above the baseball fields and above the children's park. It's kind of hard to explain, but I hope this helps. You can see the dog park from the road when you're headed south (it will be on your right-hand side). Hope to see you there sometime! :)