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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doggy Socials

Muttropolis stores host dogs socials on a regular basis for various dog breeds/groups! It's off-leash play time for the dogs and often light appetizers are provided to the 'parents' and treats to the dogs. Check out an upcoming scheduled event!
6/2--Bichon Frise Bash--7 to 8pm at Solana Beach
6/2--Weenie Roast--7 to 8pm at La Jolla
6/9--A Night with King Charles--7 to 8pm at Solana Beach
6/9--Toy-riffic Meet-up--7 to 8pm at La Jolla
6/16--Chi-Chi-Chi-Chi-Chihuahua--7 to 8pm at La Jolla
6/19--Have a Cav--6 to 7pm at La Jolla
6/23--Calling All Herders--7 to 8pm at Solana Beach
6/23--Shih-tzu Shindig--7 to 8pm at La Jolla
6/30--It's a Puppy Party (all breeds)-7 to 8pm at Solana Beach

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